Developed in 2015 by mother and daughter team Amanda and Beckee, Pakora Pod is designed to both provide excellent street food and to also meet a gap in the market. Recognising that whilst at events, days out and festivals, everyone enjoys partaking of something to eat. For those who may not be able to eat certain foods, availability (or trusted availablity) may be very limited.

So Pakora Pod's ambition is to make event food as inclusive as possible offering both pakoras and curries that are suitable for those who are, or wish to follow, a diet with no wheat, no gluten, no nuts, no dairy, no eggs and is both vegetarian and vegan.

Additionally Pakora Pod ensures that none of the 14 allergens listed under European legislation are contained within the ingredients used - with the exception of soya which will be found in the milk and yoghurt.

With a keen interest in sustainability Pakora Pod also ensures that the vegetables used in the production of the pakoras and curries are as local as possible, and will, where possible, list the farmers and growers whose produce is being used.

How the vegetables are grown is also important and ethically or organically grown produce is preferred, but locality of the produce will always be balanced with production methods.

Any packaging used in offering pakoras and curries will be from recycled sources, be bidegradable and will be kept to a minimum.

Solar power will be used used to light the Pakora Pod when possible and the cooking of the curries will be by using no power slow cookers called Wonderbags. Pakora Pod chooses wonderbags as for every bag sold a portion of the proceeds goes towards donating a Wonderbag via the Wonderbag Foundation, to a family in need within a designated community within the developing world. This helps provide a catalyst out of poverty for these families and it stops families cooking over open fires where smoke inhilation from these fires is the leading cause of death globally - over 4 million people die each year, more then 50% of premature deaths will be children under 5 due to household air pollution.


Oil used for frying is only from sustainable sources and is filtered and stored for collection to be recycled into vehicle fuel. Cleaning agents used will be as 'green' as possible. Any staff employed will be well treated with good rates of pay.


Finally - the products on offer to the event goers will be of excellent quality, of a good portion size and really good value for money.


Our ambition is that everyone will look forward to seeing Pakora Pod at their events, knowing that a synergy has been created by having us with you.


Street food at its best!